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Don’t confuse us with Open Vision Networks and their film festival. Taking place annually in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia, the Open Vision Networks Film Festival is a premiere film event. They are dedicated to showcasing the finest American and international independent films available worldwide. Their mission is to bridge the gap between independent film audiences and filmmakers, as well as to connect emerging filmmakers with established industry professionals. In addition to the films, there will be indoor screenings, music video showcases, outside live musical performances, unique signature events, along with great vendors.

If you bring some marijuana & cannabis edibles, to avail oneself of while enjoying the films, please be discreet in their consumption. Unlike the states of Colorado and Washington, Georgia does not allow legal recreational use of marijuana. In March of 2014, the Georgia Senate unanimously approved limited use of medical marijuana in Georgia. The legislation was sent back to the state House with expectations of extended negotiations. This conservative red state may not seem like a hotbed of support for marijuana reform laws, however a survey commissioned by the National Organization for Marijuana Reform Laws and conducted by Public Policy Polling reveals that 57 percent of Georgia voters approve of legalizing cannabis for medicinal purposes.

With more than 50 feature films, short films and documentaries, attendees are sure to find something they can see and then go home to rave about. Perhaps you’ll eventually see a podcast about Open Vision Networks and their film festival on one of our pod casts! Or you might, as I did, see a documentary that directly impacts your life. I saw
a documentary about the world of vintage movie posters and classic movie memorabilia and the people who appraise, sell, and collect. Wow, I never knew there was money in movie posters let alone that there were loads of websites that sell vintage movie posters. One of the more fascinating people mentioned was a fellow by the name of Ralph Deluca. As he says on his “About” page: I’ve been a “leading man” – the leading man in buying vintage movie posters and memorabilia. This is the guy who paid 1.2 million dollars for the Metroplis poster group at a LA bankruptcy sale. Lobby cards, movie poster pre-1980 are before my time, but apparently they can be worth a lot of money and this man is willing to pay big bucks. My grandparents were in the movie industry. My grandmother was a starlet and married my grandfather who was a producer. I called my mother after seeing the documentary and asked if she had any of Gramp’s movie memorabilia. She sure did. I put my Mom in touch with Ralph, and what do you know, she had some items that he wanted. Bingo! Opps, sorry about that diversion. Now let’s get back to ION.

ION and
ION is an open media player and aggregator for for discovering and experiencing videoblogs, podcasts, photocasts, and other online multimedia. is the service for sharing playlists of great media you’ve found.

Download Now – Available for Windows, MacOS X, and Linux

Media-First Browser
ION is an innovative application for discovering and experiencing the new wave of media being created and shared by everyday people. For its intended purpose, there is nothing better. Find, subscribe, and play playlists, podcasts, video blogs, and Flickr feeds, all in one place. ION’s integrated search tool also allows you to find syndicated media through services such as Mefeedia,, YouTube, Blogdigger, Yahoo! Video, Flickr, and WebJay.
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Open-Source, DRM-free, and Java Powered

ION is written in Java, and licensed under the Mozilla Public License. The source code is available through our ION Project. is a great place for interested developers to contribute, customize or use this application within their own solutions. ION also utilizes the Rome Syndication library for handling of all feed parsing and generation. ION is also made up of a number of sub-mobiles, include a Media Playback Framework, MediaRSS support, and XSPF (“Spiff”) parsers as seperately distributed developer libraries.

Project History

ION was originally released as a beta in June of 2005. We’ve been working hard ever since then to develop, enhance, and release the product.

Special thanks to Don Amiao for his help in assembling the information here. He with help from Suzie Dhia of Dimitri’s Demise launched the original site, along with an award winning diet and weight loss site featuring the rebirth of the hCG diet (click to see – it’s a 1952 redux).

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