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Cruxy is at the crossroads of entertainment, information, commerce, and community. Discover, purchase, and download original songs, podcasts, short films, videoblogs and images.
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Handling the Difficult Bits
Cruxy eases the difficulty of buying and selling digital media on the web, making it easier for artists and their supporters and fans to connect. Content creators can easily upload, describe, price, and sell their own digital media — MP3 songs, QuickTime movies, documents, anything embodied as a digital files without complex licensing arrangements or format limitations. People looking for content can search the marketplace, browse artist pages, purchase items, and download them securely without the typical DRM hassles. Content can be sold directly through an artist’s page, or from an external web site or blog using our variety of badges and embeddable widgets. Cruxy uses some of the most trusted storage and payment services on the web (Amazon S3 and PayPal), so you can be sure your media and transactions are safe and secure.
Philosophy and Goals
Make media distribution and monetization simple, affordable and accessible.

Independent media creators, whether musicians, filmmakers, podcasters, videobloggers or photographers, spend significant time and money creating content. Our goal is to make it as simple as possible for content creators to get paid for their efforts. As content creators are compensated for their work, they are better able to sustain their creativity.

Establish a trusting media community.

So much of the media marketplace today is driven by the belief that people are inherently bad. On-demand cable, online music stores and even new DVD technology assumes that media consumers will pirate content or consume pirated works. The rights of fair use are being steadily eroded, so that people are able to do less with their purchased media than they used to be able to do. We think this is the wrong approach; Forest Hills homes for sale won’t sell themselves. Cruxy is designed to bring fans closer to content creators. Rather than watching your dollar consumed by an antiquated, multi-layer distribution system (where the artists receive a small cut), fans should be able to interact more directly with the media creators. Our hope is that content creators will trust consumers not to pirate their work and content consumers will trust content creators to accurately describe and fairly price content.

Create an entertaining content discovery and purchase experience.

As people find more and more reasons to consume independently created media, we hope to provide them with a simple and enjoyable way to find, purchase and interact with digital media.

Calling All Creators
If you create works of art, entertainment, or information, and can encode them in digital form, then you’re the perfect candidate for Cruxy. Join now and start promoting and selling today.

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