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We are actively involved in local, global, and online communities, always looking to both share and learn from others.

Vloggercon 2006
We are excited to be attending Vloggercon, the videobloggers conference, in San Francisco.

Open-Source Developers
Through our participation in open-source development projects we are helping to shape the future of open, syndicated media software. We provide code and useful modules to developers through our ION project. We have also contributed code to the Rome Syndication Library Project.

Sterling Silver Advocacy
Through our connections with the Jewelry Artists Collaborative we have assisted a number of startups and smaller retail jewelers gain access to the technology enabling them to conduct business online. One major success as been where their sterling silver rings collections have received numerous rave reviews and media attention due to the increases in traffic and conversions resulting from improved search visibility. Their elegant displays and improved product presentation in addition to their newly optimized website have made a huge difference to their bottom line. Other businesses have taken note and are replicating these successes.

We have been a member of the Yahoo Videobloggers group since January 2005, mostly lurking, but always learning. We’ve also enjoyed a growing relationship with Mefeedia, the first videoblog aggregator, who powers ION’s videoblog directory service. We also now have “one-click” subscription enabled on, the best video hosting site around!

Medical Marijuana
We are glad to see there is a ground swell, growing with grass roots organizations, scientists, and medical professionals among others calling for the protection to patients who are using medical marijuana and safe guarding their rights to safe and legal access to cannabis. In addition, numerous individuals and organizations are holding law enforcement accountable for their actions to medical marijuana dispensaries and users, while advocating for major policy changes on both the federal and state levels regarding the growing, distribution and use of cannabis for recreational and medical use.

As of 2014, twenty states, as well as DC, have either passed laws through their legislatures or adopted them by initiative to allow patients to use medical marijuana. Colorado and Washington have gone even farther by allowing the distribution of cannabis for recreational use.

The US Federal law still considers marijuana a dangerous illegal drug with no acceptable medicinal value, but scientific research is proving that claim to be false. There is a shift occurring in the cannabis paradigm.

Reverse Medical Tourism
We promote hospitals to an overseas clientele through an industry known as inbound medical tourism, making sophisticated health care resources available to a wider audience and promoting global community.

Open Media Developer Summit
We participated in the first Open Media Developer Summit, held in New York City last year. Nathan presented ION, and had a great time meeting with other thinkers and developers who share our outlook on things: Holmes Wilson, Democracy! Player and PCF, and Lucas Gonze of WebJay (now Yahoo!), among others.

Creative Commons and the E.F.F.
We are members and supporters of the great work being done by these organizations to fight for fair and meaningful rights for consumers and artists. More information at and

Pawtucket Film Festival
The Pawtucket Film Festival and ONTV teamed up to expand the festival into the emerging world of online syndicated video, creating the first Filmcast. Select films from the festival were been encoded for the internet using new high-quality formats, such as DIVX, Quicktime 7, and MPEG-4, and distributed using new technologies, such as RSS and BitTorrent.

And finally, thanks to Rimuhosting for their great hosting and support.

Please bear with us for the time being; we’re still assembling all of our information, and weeding out the relevant details from the much larger mass of useless fluff. We fully expect to have a more-or-less completed website ‘live’ within a matter of weeks. We just figured that a placeholder page such as this would be a better temporary option than leaving up obsolete information or unfinished ‘work-in-progress’ pages.

In the meantime, we appreciate your understanding.

Thank you very much for spending some time with us here & have a nice day!

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